A Brief Introduction On Various Tanks Available At World Of Tanks

A Brief Introduction On Various Tanks Available At World Of Tanks

Developed by Wargaming, the World Of Tanks is an interesting MMO action game. In this game, you will come across innumerable tanks of varied shapes, sizes, and characteristics. To get all these tanks easily can help you our newly created World Of Tanks Blitz Hack. Selecting some powerful tanks for your game will be difficult, so here is a brief introduction on various tanks that are available in World of Tanks game:

Light Tanks:

The Light Tanks are represented by a green or red colored diamond on the map. Although they are small and light in size; yet, they are the fastest class of vehicles in the game. They do not have enough armor which is vital for protecting them from other weapons in the game so they are vulnerable in the battlefield. These tanks can be used for firing rapid fire guns in the battles. Their amazing characteristics of strong spotting and camouflage ability make them the best tanks to be used as scouts.

Light Tanks can spot the enemy targets quickly, so they can become really dangerous in the higher stages of the game when the map gets less populated. Their small size and incredible speed makes it tough for the artillery to kill them, while they can hunt down enemy artillery batteries easily. Few examples of Light Tanks are Cunningham, Valentine, Combat Car, Stuart, etc.

Medium Tanks:

The performance of Medium Tanks varies greatly but their size and firepower stands between the heavy tanks and light tanks. These are multi-purpose tanks that have innumerable characteristics. On the map, they are symbolized as two-piece red or green colored diamond. Their moderate mobility lets them take position quickly at the battlefield. These tanks have fair amount of armor, which is adequate to protect them from weaker guns. However, they cannot stand for longer in front of powerful guns.

Players usually make use of a group of Medium Tanks to work in tandem at the battlefield. This helps them in damaging the larger enemies easily. There are innumerable numbers of Medium Tanks available in the game. Some of them are more specialized than others and can perform very well in the battlefield. A few powerful Medium Tanks are Sherman Jumbo, Matilda, M7, A-43, etc.

Heavy Tanks:

These large-sized vehicles are often used by players in the front line to protect the rest of the team. Players even refer to them as the most well armored vehicle in ‘World of Tanks’ game. The amount of firepower in Heavy Tanks is much higher as compared to Light and Medium Tanks. However, they have poor speed and moving them from one place to another is quite tough.

Covering them in the battles becomes tough due to their heavy body. So, players usually use them to take care of major routes and areas as they are the toughest vehicles in the game. It is best to use them in straight and narrow corridors because they can cover the entire area effortlessly. Some of the examples of Heavy Tanks that are available in the game are Churchill, Defender, Excelsior, Conqueror, etc.

Tank Destroyers:

These specialized armored vehicles are particularly designed for destroying the Heavy Tanks. There are innumerable kinds of Tank Destroyers available in the game and all of them have varied characteristics. Attacking enemies around corners is very difficult for Tank Destroyers as maneuvering them is tough.

Some Tank Destroyers do not have armor so players use them from a distance by keeping them covered behind a bush. There are other Tank Destroyers that have enough armor but cannot be used as a front-line brawler. So, depending on their characteristics, players should use them. Wolverine, Scorpion, Hellcat, etc. are some examples of Tank Destroyers.

Self-Propelled Guns:

If you want to provide indirect fire support from a long distance, then you should make use of the Self-Propelled Guns. These guns are symbolized as red or green colored square on the map. Commonly known as Artillery, these vehicles have an amazing ability to aim and shoot over terrain and structures. Firing high explosive shells is their main form of ammunition, which can explode on impact. However, they take very long to reload and are extremely slow to aim. Some examples of artillery are Priest, Loyd Gun Carriage, Conqueror Gun Carriage, Renault, etc.

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