World Of Tanks Blitz Guide – How to get more Gold


Gold is the premium currency and Credits is the primary currency in the World Of Tanks game. Most of the players spend their hard-earned money for buying Gold as it is difficult to acquire them in the game. However, if you are not interested in spending real money for purchasing Gold then read this post till the end. In this article, you will get to know some easy ways to acquire Gold in the game. Moreover, you can even know more about the various premium items that can be purchased with Gold.

How To Spend Gold Currency In World Of Tanks:

Gold is used for purchasing special resources and some premium tanks. These tanks are inbuilt with several benefits like elite status, enhanced experience, etc. Players usually use these tanks for training crews and grinding credits. Premium Ammo can also be bought with Gold. However, Premium Ammo is very expensive so you should use it cautiously. Similar is the case with Premium Consumables. Consumables like large First Aid Kit, Repair Kit, Chocolate, Tea, Coffee, etc. require a lot of Gold so they should be used vigilantly. Players can even make use of Gold to purchase permanent camouflage patterns for a tank. These patterns can change the appearance of the tank and make it difficult for the opponents to spot.

How To Acquire Gold In World Of Tanks:

An easy way to procure Gold is through Clan Wars. All those players who have various territories on the Clan Wars Map receive Gold for holding these territories. It is the responsibility of the leader of the Clan to split out Gold among their members. If you are residing in Europe, then you can earn Gold by participating in the Electronic Sports League Events. Another easy method to obtain Gold in the game is by completing certain events and missions. There are several events and missions currently running in the game. To get more information about them, check your server’s news page. Currently the most easiest and fun way to get more Gold is to use World Of Tanks Blitz hack.

So, use the above-mentioned World Of Tanks Blitz Guide  and earn loads of Gold easily in World Of Tanks online game.

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