World Of Tanks Achievements That You Can Earn

When a player performs exceptionally well in the battlefield of World Of Tanks, he/she is awarded with achievements. These achievements can be earned in the form of Titles, Medals, and Badges. To check your achievements, you need to click on the Service Record Tab in the garage. The achievements can be categorized into two – those earned in tanks and the overall service record of the player. You can even check other player’s achievements by searching for them in the Contacts window.

Different Groups Of World of Tanks Achievements That You Can Earn:

Battle Hero Achievements:

The Battle Hero Achievements is awarded to players if all requirements are met during individual battles. Some of these achievements are listed below:

  • Top Gun: To earn this achievement, you need to destroy at least 6 vehicles of the opponents during the battle.
  • Invader: If you are able to earn more than 8 points from the enemy base, then you can acquire this achievement.
  • Tank Sniper: If you have dealt with the largest amount of damage from a distance in the battle, then you can earn it.

Mastery Badges:

This badge is awarded for showcasing mastery in controlling a particular armored vehicle. Some of these achievements are:

  • Mastery Badge I Class: You can earn this badge when you acquire more experience in a single battle than the average highest experience of 95% of all players.
  • II Class Mastery Badge : Similar to the previous badge, you need to earn average highest experience of 80% of all players.
  • Mastery Badge III Class: Similarly, an average of 50% of all players will be required.

Commemorative Achievements:

This is awarded to several players in each battle if they meet all requirements. Some of these achievements are:

  • Lucky: If you are within 10 meter from the enemy vehicle and at that time it gets destroyed, then you are considered to be Lucky.
  • Cool Headed: Survive more than ten ricochets continuously from opponents.
  • God of War: If you are driving a Self-Propelled Gun and are the last survivor who wins the battle, then you can earn this badge.
  • No Man’s Land: This achievement is awarded to all members of both teams only if the battle ends in a draw and both teams are completely destroyed.

Other than the aforesaid achievements, you can even earn the Epic Achievements, Step Achievements, and Titles of Honor. Some of these achievements include Pool’s Medal, Orlik’s Medal, Crusher Medal, White Fang Medal, and many more. So, keep playing and continue winning several achievements in the World Of Tanks game, however we suggest you to try World Of Tanks Blitz Hack and you will have much more fun!

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