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World Of Tanks Review: Survive In The Tank Battles Of World War II

‘World Of Tanks’ is an engrossing online game as well as or, which has hundreds of tanks and weapons to unlock. Each of them have unique features and appearance; thus, making the game all the more interesting. Moreover, you can customize your tanks or vehicles as per your choice by buying several parts like engines, turrets, etc. from the Tech Tree. So, are you ready to destroy your opponents with your powerful tanks? Well, before you actually start playing the game, read the below mentioned features of World Of Tanks game so that you can achieve success quickly.  

Credits And Gold - Two Vital In-Game Currencies In World Of Tanks:

Credits are the primary in-game currency that can be used for acquiring camouflage feature for your tanks. With Gold, you can purchase permanent camouflage but with Credits you can buy temporary ones that can be used for 10 - 30 days. Credits are easier to earn in the game in comparison to Gold. When you complete a level successfully, you will earn rewards in form of Credits. There are daily events to be completed and these will give you Credits. Also, you can watch advertorial videos and earn few in-game currencies.

Gold will be required for buying premium tanks, additional space in garage, ammo, as well as consumables. Special tanks can enhance the overall experience of your game. Resources or consumables like tea, first aid kits, repair kits, etc. are helpful for progressing in the game. Moreover, to purchase all these items, you will need loads of Gold, so it is important to use them carefully. If you want to buy permanent camouflage then you will require a good amount of Gold. Camouflage will help you in changing the exteriors of your tanks, thus making it tough for the enemies to spot. 

Gold can be earned in little quantities by holding territories in the Clan Wars map. You will come across various tricky missions in the game and by completing them successfully, you can earn some Gold. Participate in Sports League Events to acquire limited amount of Gold. There are only two ways to procure plenty of Gold instantly. You can either use World Of Tanks Hack or spend real cash on purchasing Gold.

Here Are Some Quick Tips To Make Your World Of Tanks Game Simpler:

  • Ensure that you are angling the armor on your tanks so that you can enhance the life of the tank and the player by reducing the chances of armor penetration hit.
  • To increase armor protection, make use of Sidescraping, which is an effective armor angling technique.
  • Do some research on your enemy, so that you can know their strengths and weaknesses.
  • If you are unable to withstand for longer time in front of the opponents, then it is better to run away.
  • There are innumerable maps in the game and each of them will require a different strategy to accomplish, so ensure that you know the ins and outs of the map that you are currently using.
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With these wonderful tips, you will certainly survive for longer in World Of Tanks game. So, have fun using World Of Tanks Hack while fighting with Tank Destroyers, Self-Propelled Guns, or tanks that have been bifurcated into light, medium, and heavy depending on their characteristics!